Since 2005, we have been providing Durable Medical Equipment services across the United States. Dedicated to rapid responses to a changing industry, we have consistently grown throughout our existence by staying at the forefront of industry innovation. We don’t follow trends, we set them.


Aura Healthcare is classified as a Durable Medical Equipment provider, but we are unique in several important ways:

  • We have built specialty programs, from the ground up, to target the metrics that matter involving patient care.
  • We offer a comprehensive patient care and compliance programs. The bottom line, our patients get more support for success.
  • We have an in-house staff of licensed healthcare professionals to oversee your care and answer any questions you may have.
  • Unlike many other companies today, call us and you will get a living, breathing person on the phone with you.


You can trust Aura Healthcare to not only provide you with quality equipment, but to also assist you throughout every step your treatment. Our focused, individualized approach includes:

  • In-person or remote training by a licensed healthcare professional. We also offer phone support during normal business hours to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Extensive selection of products available to meet your specific needs in a changing healthcare landscape.
  • It’s about communication, regular communication with your health provider office to inform them of each step in the process. This includes your initial order and subsequent follow-ups.
  • Organized supply programs to ensure you receive timely supplies, which helps eliminate the chances of infection and improves your overall compliance with your therapy.