As a convenience to you, we provide answers below for many commonly asked questions regarding our equipment, troubleshooting, or any general questions you may have regarding our services. For the answers to any inquiries not listed below, please call us at (877)246-8672 or email us at .

How do I send in an order or referral?

Please fax your order to us at (847)676-4148. We can also be reached by phone at (877)246-8672 to answer any questions about what documentation is needed to fulfill your order, or whether you are eligible for any equipment you may be interested in ordering for you or one of your patients.

How do I pay my bill?

Please follow this link or please give us a call at (877)246-8672 and ask to speak with the billing department.

Does CPAP provide oxygen?

NO, CPAP stands for continuous positive air pressure.. It provides room air that is compressed and sent through an interface, called a mask, into the airway to hold the tissue in the upper airway in place so it can’t collapse and block your airway. It does not give you extra oxygen it simply allows the air to reach the lungs.

How long will I have to wear CPAP?

After it is prescribed, CPAP is usually a therapy that is used for the rest of your life. If you have surgery or lose a large amount of weight, we recommend that you consult the physician managing your care before stopping as you may need adjustments to your device or, in rare cases, no longer need therapy.

I have a lot of pressure on the bridge of my nose it is causing a sore, what can be done?

Depending on the type of interface you are using, there may be an adjustment at the top of the mask that changes the pressure that is applied to the bridge of the nose. You should readjust the mask to make the pressure at the bridge comfortable and not have a leak. If this does not work then try fully loosening the mask, then reapply it while air is running through the mask. Most modern interfaces grip, or suction, to your face and if there isn’t enough room for the cushion to inflate it may not form a proper seal.

I have a lot of dryness, is the humidifier not working?

Dryness is the most common CPAP complaint. It can be caused when the humidity is not set correctly. Remember that the humidity should be changed according to environment and personal preference. If the dryness continues to occur, then move the humidity setting upward until dryness improves or is resolved. If condensation starts, bring it down until you find a balance comfortable. These settings will not be the same in the winter and in summer due to the ambient humidity changing depending upon the season.

I am hearing gurgling in the tubing, is something is wrong?

Gurgling usually happens when condensation builds up in the mask and/or tubing. This is commonly called "rain out.” Rain out usually happens when the air temperature outside the tube is colder then the air inside the tube which causes condensation to form. Just like windows fogging up in the winter. This problem can be solved by bringing the humidity down, insulating the tubing, or lowering the height of the machine in relation to where your head is in your bed. Don’t forget to let your tube dry after cleaning and to start with a dry tube every night.

How should the mask fit?

The mask should fit as loose as possible as long as it is not leaking. As a general rule, you should be able to fit two fingers underneath the lower strap on either side on most nasal and full face masks and be able to pull the strap about an inch away from your face without springing a leak. If a leak still is present please feel free to contact us.